8 Tips to Fall in Love With Running Outdoors

8 Tips to  Fall in Love With Running Outdoors

Running has always been a popular sport and even more so now given the health restrictions over the past few months. If you only have 30 minutes of spare time on your schedule, running is the sport for you. At Peak Laval, we are running enthusiasts and we have put together a few tips to help you start your sessions on the right foot.

The right accessories 

It is important to have a shoe adapted to your needs, we recommend that you go to a specialized store. A professional can recommend a shoe adapted to your feet to run in the greatest comfort. Otherwise, you may find it less enjoyable to run because of the pain, and in the worst case, develop long-term injuries.


Stretching is often forgotten, but your body will thank you for thinking about it! Start with a little stretching session before beginning your run. Also, don’t forget about it afterwards, the recovery will be much better and you will have an easier time keeping up with daily exercise!


When starting, allow yourself to take it slow even if you are motivated to go all in! We recommend doing intervals between jogging and walking. The advantage of intervals is that you can adjust your challenge over the weeks by reducing the walking portion and increasing the running portion. Another important factor is that you will reduce the risk of injury, running is a sport with a great impact on the body.

 Entrainement course


It is important to organize a training program to make progress and develop consistency in your new discipline. Putting it on your schedule is a great start. A program is a good addition; you can go through apps like RunkeeperStrava or you can work with a trainer to customize your program. This structure will help you overcome the additional difficulties that one can have when starting.


A measurable goal

We don't always recognize the progress we've made over the weeks and that can be demotivating. We recommend setting a goal whether it's a distance, time, or whatever! It's important to challenge yourself, but be realistic. The applications presented in the previous point can help you track your results.


Running in a group

We need social contact more than ever, especially after this past year. Jogging is known to be a solitary sport, but some clubs allow you to participate with others or with loved ones. A few apps also offer social functions for interacting with other people. 


Reward yourself

For those slightly more difficult mornings, a small reward raises motivation to get up and go. The reward can be something like a new piece for your sports wardrobe. We highly recommend ourAlum Light collection!

Collection Alum Light


Change of environment

It is easy to fall into a routine sometimes, but running can be an opportunity to explore new places. When you're on a business trip, grab your shoes and go for a quick run. Peak Performance athletes have chosen a beautiful location to complete their jog.

We hope you are motivated to try or love this sport even more. Our experts are available in-store to help you choose the appropriate clothing to complete your workout. Tag us on social media, we want to witness your progress!

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