The trend of the summer: Glamping

The trend of the summer: Glamping

We all love being surrounded by nature, but when it comes to camping in rustic environments, comfort is often compromised. We have the perfect solution for you all while being trendy… GLAMPING! A perfect mix between camping and glam with unusual dwellings such as: cabins, recreational vehicles, treehouses, trailers, tipi, yurt and others. You can enjoy the activities offered by nature such as hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, etc. while sleeping in the same comfort at home.

Find a glamping site

The first step is to find a place that suits you with the help of you can discover locations all over the world. You can select by region, type of accommodation and type of location. The Peak Laval team loves this site! The site is also an excellent site for finding destinations within Quebec.

The essentials

What equipment do you need for your first glamping experience? The basics differ from place to place, but we've put together a little list for you:

Travel bag:

We recommend that you have suitable bags for camping and a small bag for your excursions.

The essentials for the night:

Depending on where you are staying, you will need a sleeping bag, pillow, sheets, inflatable mattress and more.

Appropriate clothing:

The important thing is to have comfortable clothes that will allow you to carry out all the activities during your stay. You must be prepared to take on Mother Nature and move smoothly. We recommend our Outdoor collection which is currently at 50% off! Our specialists can help you find what you need in-store.

A map:

A physical map is essential because you will not always have access to your cellular network!

First aid kit:

It is essential for any activity, but even more in the forest, so don't forget!


Prepare for the night by bringing a flashlight and extra batteries.

Some items to put in your luggage; sunscreen, bug repellent, toiletry bag (to be adapted according to your facilities), camera, trash bag, entertainment (book, games and more), food, towels, toilet paper, cooler, medicine and more according to your needs.

If this is your first time, we strongly recommend that you borrow or rent any equipment you don't have. Glamping can quickly become an expensive activity.

You won't see camping the same way after trying glamping once! Access to nature while enjoying a certain level of comfort.

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