Laval Store


Owner: Martin Richard 

Martin brings an extensive network and broad range of experience as the new Peak Performance Carrefour Laval Franchisee.  His 20-year leadership background in law, financial services, human resources and communications/marketing provides Martin with the strategic and tactical insights to truly succeed as a Peak Performance Partner.

This partnership with Peak Performance comes as no surprise as Martin’s first job was in sports retail selling ski gear and clothing. Introduced to the world of skiing at the age of 5 meant that by working in such an environment, he was combining his passion for the sport with his natural abilities to connect with people. This was a win-win on every level. Martin continued working in sports retail and high-end fashion for the most part of his twenties holding various sales and management roles up until he completed his degree and started his career as a corporate lawyer.

Martin has many passions such as design, architecture, fashion, photography and sports, more specifically backcountry skiing, golfing and biking, Martin connected with the Peak Performance brand over 15-years ago.  Its no surprise that finding himself part of the Peak Performance family today, Martin is combining his passions with his entrepreneurial desire to own and operate his own business one day. This dream has finally come true and Martin is super excited to part of the Peak Performance Team and looking very much forward to meeting you all in person. 


Peak Performance Laval

The Carrefour store, on the North Shore of Montreal, is 1,500 square feet of selling space. This new concept store has a unique layout, new fixtures, and different branding with a premium Scandinavian design, similar to the Peak Performance concept store in Oslo.

If you ever find yourself in Laval, drop by and say hello to the Peak Performance Laval team. 



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